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Some Authentic Mexican Foods that you Should Try

Some Authentic Mexican Foods that you Should TryMexico has some favorite dishes. The Mexicans love to have these dishes. When you are travelling to Mexico, surely you should try the foods. Some of them are also traditional foods that have become traditional heritages. Thus, you should never skip the culinary trip as you are exploring Mexico. There are also many street markets so finding the right place to get the authentic Mexican dishes will not be difficult. As for the recommended ones, you can check the information below.

First, it is the chilaquiles. This is food that is commonly eaten during breakfast and it is one of the most popular dishes for breakfast among Mexicans. The food is made of the toasted corn tortilla and these tortillas are covered and soaked by hot sauce. It can be either read or green sauce. Then, there can be shredded chicken or beef with chorizo, scrambled egg or sunny side up egg. To make it complete, it can be added with cheese, coriander, and sliced onion. The main taste will come from the sauce and texture of toasted tortilla. This will surely be tasty for breakfast. Huevos rancheros may also seem similar in term of ingredients to the chilaquiles. This is also called as ranch eggs. This is called as ranch eggs because the appearance of two sunny side up eggs on the plate looks like two ranchmen. It has fried corn tortillas with red hot sauce. Coriander and grounded black pepper can be added on the dish to give stronger taste.

For beef lover, there is machaca. This can be called as shredded dried beef. For its name, it is clear that shredded beef will become the main ingredient of the food. This is popular in northern are of Mexico. This can be eaten together with taco or burrito. Even, it is great enough to have the machaca with rice. It has nice seasoning that will be source of flavor while the texture will come from the shredded dried beef. Still about meaty dish, there is discada. The dish is said to be full of meat. You can find sausage, ham, ground meat, and even bacon. Then, it has jalapeno pepper and onion for the stronger taste. As for the main seasoning, it has cumin, oregano, bay leaf, black pepper, thyme, and celery. This is commonly cooked traditionally by using woods as the source of fire. This is popular as the traditional food for family reunion.

When you talk about Mexican foods, it will never be complete without mentioning tacos. Among many popular dishes from Mexico, tacos are one of the most known and these can be found in many countries. Tacos will have corn tortilla and many kinds of fillings. There are no strict regulations and rules regarding the fillings, but mostly the Mexican have marinated pork of beef as the main fillings. However, there are special tacos that you should try and it is the tacos with escamoles. This is type of ant larvae that can only be seen once a year and it is not easy to harvest the larvae. Thus, you need to get special occasions to get the special tacos.

In addition to tacos, burritos are also popular. Burritos come from northern area of Mexico. The original burritos can be found easily in the border between Mexico and US. Similar to tacos, burritos can have many kinds of fillings. The main appearance is the rolled flour tortillas with stuffed fillings of many ingredients. Next, there is menudo or pork stew. It is said that the menu is originated from Span and it was brought to Mexico that later it has some changes as what people can see now. Now, menudo is nice soup or stew with corn kernels and beef tripe. It is not only limited to pork, but there can be variation added on the stew.

Tamales are next iconic foods of Mexicans. This is special food that can be found every day, but it is a compulsory dish during the Day of Candelaria. The meaning of tamales is being wrapped an it comes from the indigenous people’s language. The wraps usually use the corn leaves. It has fillings and it can use many kinds of stews. Mostly, the fillings have shredded chicken or pork. Green and read salsa, cheese, and corn kernels are added into the fillings and these are all wrapped together. Of course, quesadilla cannot be skipped from the list. This is nice food and it is served when it is still hot. It uses corn or flour tortilla. It is fold into half and stuffed with some ingredients. Mostly, quesadillas have cheese as one of the fillings. After that, the tortillas are grilled or deep fried and it is eaten when it is still hot. You can try all of these dishes and you can find them quite easily in Mexico because these are popular and they are authentic foods of Mexicans. Thus, you can find restaurants and other places to get these foods.